Showering is a priority of your daily routine. It’s something you’ve done your entire life. Day in, day out, it’s the first grooming chore you perform in the morning and the last you execute at night. So, how is that you’ve still yet to get it down pat?

Truth be told, most of the population, both male and female, don’t know the right way to shower. We’re practically all guilty of making countless errors when sudsing up the bathtub. That’s not to say we can’t learn from past mistakes and fix the common errors responsible for our lifeless hair and less-than-stellar skin.

You can avoid such skincare misfortunes by simply adapting to new practices. First things first, let’s tackle some of the ideal bathing blunders you should already be familiar with.

Forgetting the Basics of Shower Care:

  • Harsh ingredients in your products: Fragrances, parabens and any other skin-damaging additives do more bad than good.
  • Ignoring other key body parts: Quit neglecting your back, belly button, butt, and behind the ears.
  • Not cleaning or replacing your razor: In case you didn’t know, the blades on these things do collect bacteria from your skin and breed germs.
  • Showering way too long: You should only be in there a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Using the wrong shower care products: Not every conditioner, shampoo, soap or body wash is formulated for your hair or skin type.

Every beauty/grooming ritual has its set of standards – requirements all men must follow. It’s no different when jumping into your porcelain tub. Always keep these pointers in mind before dropping trou and lathering up. Trust us, this will spare you any public judgement or shame.

Now that we got your bathing senses tingling, here’s a look at all the major mistakes you’re making in the shower.

1. Too Much Lather, Too Much Product

Less is always more. Remember that. Go easy on the bar soap and body wash because overexposure to the surfactants in these products will strip your skin of its natural oils. Experts believe working with a dime-sized amount is enough to produce a good lather for full-body cleansing. Using a quarter-sized amount of shampoo or conditioner should be sufficient enough for normal hair.

2. Shampooing Daily

Washing your locks and scalp is arguably the most therapeutic feeling one can experience in the shower. Still, that doesn’t justify doing it every day. Shampoo is designed to trap oils, so when used consistently, it dries out hair follicles faster and results in breakage. Look to wash your hair no more than two to three times a week, which will help maintain moisture and stimulate growth.

3. Exfoliating More Than Necessary

Most of us make the mistake of using a face or body scrub daily. Ease up on the exfoliants because you don’t want to strip your skin of the necessary bacteria it needs to fight off acne and dry skin. Dermatologists recommend buffing off dead skin cells two to three times a week to a keep a blemish-free, smooth bark.

4. Avoiding A Cold Water Blast

Cold water is said to tighten your pores and prevent any clogging or dirt from seeping into them. It also helps hair appear healthier and shinier, while promoting anti-depressant effects and an increased tolerance to stress.

5. Shaving with Body Wash or Soap

This is peak laziness. Using the same body cleanser to shave your mug is a disastrous mistake since these products use ingredients solely designed to remove dirt and oil, whereas a shaving cream or gel features hydrating agents that provide sleeker shave action in the shower.

6. Neglecting Your Feet

Your hooves take a beating every day. Not to mention they sweat more than any other body part and harbor some of the nastiest odor-based bacteria. Don’t be afraid to give them some TLC. Scrubbing or washing your feet with a mild soap prevents fungus and other gross bacteria from growing down there. Get in between the toes and dry off thoroughly when complete.

7. Stalling the Moisturizing Process

They say strike while the iron is hot. This applies to moisturizing your skin when coming out the shower, especially since your skin momentarily retains hydration. You’ll want to work in a fragrance-free moisturizer after drying off to protect your sheath from environmental hazards and repair skin cells when sleeping. Don’t make the amateur mistake of using the same moisturizer for both the face and body. Add a high-quality body lotion and facial treatment into your grooming routine.

8. Not Conditioning Your Hair Enough

Exactly how often should a man employ conditioner is a constant debate amongst hairstyling experts. Many say a few times a week. Others say every day. Their really is no wrong answer. Men with thicker strands can benefit most from using a conditioner more often.

9. Poor Rinsing Etiquette

A quick splash of water on the head isn’t enough to get rid of the dirt and product buildup on your dome. Learn to rinse hair the right way. Start with the initial rinse to wash off any grim attached to your strands. After washing with a conditioner or shampoo, perform a second rinse to deep clean your hair. Any signs of flatness or scalp irritations will indicate whether there’s any lingering residue.

10. Rubbing Your Body Dry

Harsh wiping causes hair breakage and skin irritation. Air-drying won’t do you any better since it causes chapped skin. Treat your body more delicately when coming out the shower by gently patting it down with a soft towel. This leaves some water on the skin and procures a bit of moisture. Start at the top of the head and work all the way down to your toes.

11. Abusing Your Exfoliation Tool

Bath sponge. Exfoliating gloves. Loofah. Whatever your body scrubber of choice may be, leaving them damp in the shower only shortens their shelf life by creating a breeding ground for bacteria and mold – putting skin at a greater risk for damage. Transferring that onto your body could potentially cause staph infections. Rinse it off with hot water, ring dry, and hang outside of the shower. Consider replacing it every month as well.

12. Steaming Hot Showers

As great as it feels, soaking in a hot shower is the biggest detriment to your skin. For one, it increases blood flow, which triggers inflammation and rashes. It can force skin into a state of stress that damages skin cells and strips away natural oils. Then there’s the adverse effect of damaging hair cuticles, resulting in color fading and dryness.

Source: AskMen


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