Cuisine is certainly a traveller’s sojourn. For, while planning out a trip, one always has in mind a desire to savour some of the local delicacies. And when the destination is UAE, the craving to try out some Emirati recipes gets even stronger.

Tourists visiting the UAE have the entire world on their platter to try out some sumptuous recipes. UAE is home to people of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, and this implies availability of a variety of food here.

While the UAE kitchen is largely dominated by cuisines such as Indian, Yemini, Egyptian, and Lebanese, there is a major fad for the Emirati dishes as well.

Here are 10 delicious Emirati dishes to try in the UAE:

1. Majboos: It is mouth-watering Arabian dish consisting of chicken and rice with different spices and ingredients such as cinnamon, chickpeas, saffron and cardamom. It is usually served with chicken and special sauce of tomatoes and chilies.

2. Bottom chicken: Usually the chicken is layered on top of any cuisine. However, the bottom chicken dish is different. Here, the chicken is put under the rice in the cooking pot. The ingredients are mainly rice, chicken, curcuma, yoghurt, potatoes and onion.

3. Madroob: This is a no-miss for those who love seafood. Madroob is an Emirati dish made of Hammour fish with Egyptian rice, tomato, garlic, onion, cloves and cinnamon.

4. Al-Jabab bread: This is similar to pan cakes, yet it has the flavor of the Emirati syrup that contains rosewater, cardamom and honey. It is one of the delicious Emirati desserts.

5. Jami: This is one of the oldest dishes in UAE that is made of buttermilk with ghee. Simply perfect for a healthy, light breakfast.

6. Bathieth: For those who have a sweet tooth but don’t want to stuff up too much sugar, this is just the right delicacy! The sweet is made of dates, butter, brown wheat, rosewater, almonds, hazelnuts and sesame.

7. Khanfroush: It is an Emirati dessert made of fried dough that contains rice, eggs and sugar, it’s usually provided with Arabic green coffee or milk.

8. Khameer bread: Usually, bread is baked in an oven but Emirati bread Khameer is cooked in a different way. It is bakes on fire using a tray and is made of light dough that contains curcuma and saffron.

9. Markouka: This dish consists chicken, cooked with zucchinis, carrots, wheat and potatoes with black pepper.

10. Ayish: It’s a dish of rice that should be served with meat or chicken. It is made of different spices such as rosewater, curcuma, saffron, and butter.


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