Twista wants to try something new.

The rapid-rhymer from Chicago asked for some assistance writing his raps during an exclusive clip that premiered in Friday’s DX Daily.

“Everything I’ve rapped is something I’ve wrote,” Twista says. “I’m going to have one or two songs where I like what was happening creatively so much that I use the song…That’s something I want to get into more is somebody else writing me some stuff.”

Twista then took a moment – on camera – to ask Do or Die’s AK to write a song for him. The two have been working together extensively– alongside the rest of Do or Die – to complete their forthcoming joint-album, Withdrawal. 

“Right in front of ya’ll on Hip Hop motherfuckin’ DX, I’m going to ask AK can he write me a song?” Twista says with a grin.

AK and Twista laugh in the moment but Twista appears to be serious.

“He’s trippin,” AK says before agreeing to do the favor for Twista.


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