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United Arab Emirates
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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World tourism rises faster than trade for fourth year

Tourism spending has outpaced global trade for the fourth year in a row.

Oahu Vacations

Top 10 Destinations

Improved visa waiver system for Emiratis going to UK

A new version of the electronic visa waiver scheme (EVW II) will be going live today.

Fiji Tourism Boosted By Cyclone

Fiji has reported record arrival figures

The Best Steakhouse in New York

A must visit when you are in New York

How much residents in UAE budget for holidays

Study, which looks at travel spending habits, shows that UAE consumers are becoming more budget-conscious

Saudis top list of visitors to UAE

UAE topped the list of favorite holiday destinations where Saudis enjoy spending quality time during their holidays

UAE travellers get ready for the great Eid getaway

Travel agents have urged those travelling during the Eid break to book tickets as soon as possible
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