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BlackBerry QNX Launches its Most Advanced Software Platform

BlackBerry QNX Launches its Most Advanced and Secure Embedded Software Platform for Autonomous Drive and Connected Cars

iPhone 8 release date, price, rumours and news

Rumours say Apple is testing at least 10 prototypes for its 10th anniversary edition smartphone, and one of them apparently folds

Galaxy Note 7 probe results this month

A Samsung Electronics spokesman declined to comment

Dubai tops Middle East’s smart city list

The city stands out its for high-tech infrastructure and execution of several smart initiatives

Huawei Honor set on changing the smartphone industry in 2017

In 2016, it witnessed record sales across its range of technology-packed devices, solidifying Honor's position as a leading global smartphone brand

What the next ‘all glass’ iPhone will look like

Samsung and LG, joined by Foxconn-owned Sharp by 2018, are said to be Apple's primary OLED suppliers

Digital data will be king in 2017

New technologies such as IoT, big data, artificial and virtual intelligence are going mainstream

7 hacks to get lower Etisalat and Du bills

You'll be happy the next time you get your statement, we promise

UAE’s first start-up to sell LED lights online

The company currently has sales and distribution all over Europe and also has plans to foray into the USA in the early part of 2017

Samsung launches monitor for professional gamers

It is the industry's first curved gaming monitor to feature quantum dot technology
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