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Thursday, April 27, 2017
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8 iPhones exploded in recent months: Report

Shanghai Consumer Council received eight reports in recent months of iPhones that spontaneously combusted

Sony launches new flagship smartphone

Xperia XZ features advanced camera with triple imagesensing technology and 5-axis image stabilisation

Idea of superhuman is now a reality

People can implant a microchip and forget about passwords and PINs

Rimowa Electronic Tag

Makes Airport Check-In A Breeze

Dubai’s metro timings will be extended for one hour

This is the reason why the Green and Red Lines will operate for an extra hour

New Apple Watch gathers fresh fans

The faster, GPS-equipped waterproof wearable attracts regional techies

Focal Utopia Headphones

Focal's open-backed flagship headphones create a striking realism that's hard to find elsewhere

Samsung blames batteries for Galaxy Note 7 fires

Additional investigations were needed to find the root cause of the battery problems

Buildings across the UAE to be 3D printed

3D printing could cut construction waste by another 30 to 60 per cent
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