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Smart watches could warn you of diabetes

Researchers from the Stanford University found that smart watches can help detect when people have colds, Lyme disease and diabetes

Dell’s New 32-Inch Monitor

Dell’s New 32-Inch Monitor Packs As Many Pixels As Four 4K UHD Panels

Sennheiser Launches Wireless Products At CES 2017

Sennheiser announced the launch of the MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless and the HD4 Wireless

Apps to help identify your dream job

Here are some apps to figure out what you want to do to get your dream job

Honor 6X launches in the Middle East

A mighty budget smartphone created for digital natives with cutting-edge dual-lens rear camera, sturdy performance and extended battery life

If you use this feature on Twitter, people are watching you

And they plan to make an online database with all your family/job/financial/housing relations in it

The New Samsung CH711

Samsung CH711 Is The Quantum Dot Curved Monitor Your Gaming Setup Deserves

BlackBerry QNX Launches its Most Advanced Software Platform

BlackBerry QNX Launches its Most Advanced and Secure Embedded Software Platform for Autonomous Drive and Connected Cars

iPhone 8 release date, price, rumours and news

Rumours say Apple is testing at least 10 prototypes for its 10th anniversary edition smartphone, and one of them apparently folds

Galaxy Note 7 probe results this month

A Samsung Electronics spokesman declined to comment
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