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United Arab Emirates
Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Many UAE shoppers don’t find what they want

Nielsen polls 30,000 respondents in 61 countries to find out what they really want when they go out shopping

Shoppers stand to win Dh1.5m in prizes at 25 malls

Those who spend Dh200 will receive a coupon with a unique promo code card

Dubai Mall celebrating

The Dubai Food Festival, win money every day!

Cheng family buy most expensive shopping centre in Australia

A 75 per cent stake in the MidCity Centre in Sydney's CBD has been sold for a record price.

Eid in Dubai

As the city gears up for the holiday, shopping and leisure activities pick up steam

Bringing shopping malls into the 21st century

If all its stores consolidated their technology and resources, a mall could deliver a shopping experience that even Amazon couldn't match.

eBay Launches Virtual Reality Shopping App

Could the future of shopping be coming to eBay?

The Wages of Shopping Online

Online shopping has given birth to a whole new breed of earners and learners.
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