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United Arab Emirates
Sunday, May 28, 2017
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13 jaywalkers killed in four months in Dubai

A total of 37 traffic related deaths recorded, say police

ServiceMarket’s Checklist for a Smooth Local Move in Dubai

Follow this handy moving checklist to stay organized before and during the moving process

Dh33m for taxi number plate owners

Emirati owners of 6,657 taxi number plates to be paid bonuses

Ajman Sewerage ups its water conservation efforts

Joins hands with Ajman Municipality to install these in schools and local municipality premises

New paid parking zones in Sharjah

During the month of Ramadan, the parking metres will run from 8am to midnight

Night swimming to be allowed in Dubai?

High-intensity lights operated with solar and wind energy aimed at facilitating night swimming

What Mohammad said to Donald Trump

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince received by US president at White House during two-day Washington visit

Why Abu Dhabi motorists won’t have black points

Abu Dhabi Police announced that all black points for minor offences can be removed

2,186 kids reported missing at Global Village

Parents were urged to make their children wear a wristband with name and contact number inside venue
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