Mumbai’s SpiceKlub has opened its first restaurant outside of India, located in Dubai.

The casual dining franchises is serving vegetarian Indian dishes, using molecular cooking techniques – with many of the dishes presented in test tubes or beakers with dry ice and other unusual elements.

“A franchise of the well-known namesake in India, SpiceKlub is a leading name in molecular gastronomy in Mumbai. We are delighted to announce the launch of SpiceKlub here in Dubai and we hope to take the legacy a notch above,” said SpiceKlub Dubai owner Mohit Bhojwani.

SpiceKlub Dubai head chef Harshal Tanawade added: “At SpiceKlub, everyday comfort food recipes and street food renditions are presented in a completely distinctive style — enhancing the attractiveness of the dish.”

SpiceKlub is based in Bur Dubai.

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