Motor City

Residents who live near a building site in Motor City say that round-the-clock construction noise has made their lives unbearable.

The noise comes from ongoing work on the Oia Residence, an upscale apartment block. An artist’s impression of the project brings to mind a peaceful Greek island paradise — six-storeys of shimmering white walls and aqua-blue windows.

But for nearby residents, ever since the building broke ground around March, life seems more like a Greek tragedy.

Driven to despair by the constant crashing noises, the din of hammers and the low groan of diggers, one resident, who gave his name only as I.V. has tried to fight back.

Tired of being woken up in the middle of the night by construction noise, a resident who lives in an apartment block nearby has conducted his own investigation.

He has so far taken video footage, measured decibel levels with his smartphone, contacted municipal authorities, tried to reason with the on-site crew, and has even called the police. But all to no avail.

When he first moved into Motor City in January, the resident said he was charmed by the tasteful architecture and lush landscaping — all courtesy of Union Properties.

However, his dreams of tranquility were soon shattered. Now, three spot-lit cranes seem only to provide unwelcome visuals to the symphony of suffering.

As property owners, the family has deeper concerns — simply moving out is not an option. Similar villas in the complex are on sale for Dh3.8 million, but the high price and construction site means there are few takers.

In a cruel architectural twist, the crescent-shaped row of villas where they live seems to serve as a literal echo chamber.

Although two of the residents claimed their own tests showed decibel levels of up to 85 — far above a 45-decibel limit set by Dubai’s municipality — Union Properties (UP) insists that the noise levels remain within permitted levels.

While all three residents interviewed had complained to Union Properties on multiple occasions, they say their words only fall on deaf ears.

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