Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is taking the motto “new year, new me” seriously. The actress, who now calls Dubai home, has deleted all of her Instagram photos and her tweets.

A representative told Gulf News tabloid! that Lohan, 30, is in a “period of renewal” and that the social media purge is a sign of “positive changes” to come.

Lohan transitioned to a new management team recently and is ready to turn a new leaf.
“I’m so excited for this new chapter in my life,” she said.

The Mean Girls star has been spending a lot of time around the UAE lately, which she first visited in 2008.

“It’s so much more developed now,” she said in an interview with CNN.

Lohan hosted a New Year’s Eve party at the Dubai nightclub Zero Gravity and was spotted swimming in the capital city shortly after. She’s now working on creating a production and branding company in Dubai.

Asked whether the city is going to be home for now, she said, “Yes, it is… I’ve met amazing women [here] that are really strong and have taught me a lot … I don’t think people realize how accepted it is for a woman to be a strong woman in the UAE. It is a very appreciated thing.”

Lohan plans to continue her work with refugees in Turkey, and will also return to TV and film. Her upcoming film, a crime-horror titled The Shadow Within, is set to release later this year.

“I fell in love with loving myself, and that’s the most important thing that’s happened to me in my life,” said Lohan.

Her manager, Scott Carlsen, told tabloid!: “We are extremely happy here at team Lohan. Thrilled to see everyone’s reactions over the next year as we have some big projects lined up.”

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