Entertainment company Warner Brothers is reportedly trying to cast Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio as The Joker in an upcoming movie. The film will explore the origin story of the Batman supervillain.

The Warner Brothers are allegedly trying to convince Martin Scorsese to get The Revenant actor on board. However, no offer has been made to the star since Scorsese’s deal to produce the project has not been finalised.

Actor Jared Leto, who originally plays The Joker in the DC Extended Universe movie franchise has reportedly heard of the rumours and was not happy.

Todd Phillips and Scott Silver are hired to write the treatment for the DC criminal mastermind notorious for his face paint and permanent smile. Other details are still scarce. Rumour has it, the movie could revolve around a young bullied version of the character.

According to online theories, the story might continue with another movie that will delve into the mad love between the psychopathic clown and his former psychiatrist Harley Quinn that ends up with their breakup.

The untitled Joker and Harley Quinn project is speculated to pave a way for Harley Quinn’s solo outing with Gotham City Sirens.

Margot Robbie plays the pigtailed anti-hero and her relationship with The Joker has already been glimpsed in the 2016 hit Suicide Squad.

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