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United Arab Emirates
Thursday, April 27, 2017
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8 ways to stay hydrated without drinking water

Keep yourself hydrated through your dietary choices and skin care routines

Colon cancer not male-only disease, warn experts

The exact reason for why colon cancer is presenting at a younger age in the UAE has yet to be determined

Deaths rise sharply in people with autism

700% rise in deaths since 1999 among people with the neurodevelopmental disorder

Common fitness mistakes Dubai residents make

Once you find what works for you, go ahead with it

UAE launches Diabetes Early Detection Programme

The programme aims to provide early detection for people who are most susceptible to diabetes

Qatar confirms new Coronavirus case

There were a total 19 confirmed cases in Qatar, which led to seven deaths

Sugar, salt content falls as consumers get wise

Study shows 180,000 products were reformulated in 2016, about double the previous year

E-counselling as good as meds to control BP

The study involved 264 people with high blood pressure and an average age of 58

Are diamonds being used to perform surgeries in UAE?

A patient, who was at a risk of suffering from a heart attack, is enjoying a new lease of life

Do you get enough sleep in UAE?

A majority of residents don't get enough hours of sleep which is taking a toll on their health
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