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United Arab Emirates
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Screen early to diagnose hypertension: Ministry

The ministry aims to work out ways to prevent the onset of hypertension

Smart applications to become healthy in the UAE

One of the numerable health programmes available in the UAE is the 'Aster Chronic Care@ Home'

Insomnia causes sugar-laden indulgence and calorie intake

The London Sleep Centre Dubai believe that, sleep deprivation can lead to gorging on sugar-laden junk and forbidden calorie-rich food sin

Heartbeat being used as unique password

Unique electrocardiograph might be the perfect computer password

Should UAE worry about consuming Nutella?

You might want to think twice about the next spoon of Nutella after reading this story

Free medical care in UAE to help your children hear

The campaign is to help address needs of children with hearing loss under the ministry's initiatives for 'Year of Giving 2017

No carcinogens in Nutella: Dubai Municipality

According to officials, there is no proof that Nutella contains carcinogens, so this rumor is not right

Survey finds 4% residents affected by hearing loss

62 per cent believe that getting older is the principal cause of hearing loss

First smart pharmacy run by robot begins at Rashid Hospital

The smart pharmacy will be deploying a robot for the first time in the UAE for dispensing and prescribing medication

Less salty diets could save millions

Public service campaigns could massively cut mortality and disability caused by salt-triggered heart attacks and strokes
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