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United Arab Emirates
Monday, May 29, 2017
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Fad Diet: Eat According to your Blood Group

Weight loss is difficult and there are no miracles. There is no magic solution for weight loss and there are no short-cuts

Obesity, chronic diseases top health concerns for Sharjah residents

92 per cent of the respondents preferred to receive health-related information through various social media channels

Call to cut junk from office vending machines

The call came as experts discussed the topic of healthy eating at workplace during a seminar organised by Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department

UAE Ministry warns against buying medicine online

UAE has become an international leader in combatting drug fraud

Gestational diabetes risk is high in UAE

WHO's most comprehensive report on diabetes shows there are now 422 million people with the condition worldwide

Depression second common mental health condition in Qatar

Depression is a mood disorder that is characterised by symptoms of deep sadness, a sense of emptiness and physical ailments

The path to Tourette’s syndrome reduction

Thalamic deep brain stimulation reduces the tics, says a new study

Medical emergency in Dubai? Here are essential tips, numbers

Here are some tips on how to deal with medical emergencies in Dubai

Smoking deaths up 5% since 1990: report

Number of deaths rise despite percentage of people who smoke falling in most countries

UAE Ministry warns against misuse of laughing gas

The product is not criminalised, low in cost compared to other drug classes, and is easily available to students
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