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United Arab Emirates
Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Heart disease still Dubai’s No.1 killer

Heart disease is still Dubai’s biggest killer, responsible for 30 per cent of deaths

UAE healthcare costs ‘driven up by criminalisation of malpractice’

Decriminalising malpractice would help attract the best doctors to the UAE and encourage medical tourism.

Majority of Dubai residents healthy and happy, study shows

Exercising, a balanced diet, strong family and friend structures are key factors in the overall health and happiness of Dubai residents

Nestle develops chocolate with half the sugar

Nestle made a scientific breakthrough that has the potential to reduce sugar in its candy products by up to 40 percent

5 ways to beat the Dubai heat with Ayurveda

From cooling spices to a bit of mild stretching, the ancient Indian science of Auyrveda can help beat the heat

Medical visa to be made easier

Asians tops, followed by tourists from GCC, Europe, Africa and America

How to prepare body after Ramadan

UAE doctors advise to Indulge in moderation

Prices of DHA medical services set to change

Aim is to improve and fund medical service provided by DHA: Dr Marwan

Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton

Rex can be used by people with a variety of mobility impairments.

Ways to go to make UAE accessible to all, wheelchair users...

Although the UAE is improving disabled access, more must be done, campaigners say
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