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United Arab Emirates
Monday, May 29, 2017
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Over 1,000 car accidents in Ramadan and Eid

National Ambulance has responded to calls for 1,094 car accidents during Ramadan and Eid

Emiratis urged to consider nursing as a career

UAE has an estimated 316 nurses per 100,000 members of its population.

New Mers patient is treated in Abu Dhabi

A man in Abu Dhabi tested positive on Tuesday for Mers coronavirus

Prices of DHA medical services set to change

Aim is to improve and fund medical service provided by DHA: Dr Marwan

Caffeine alert for expectant UAE mums

Caffeine can affect the body’s ability to absorb iron, so brings the added risk of anaemia in pregnant women.

Over-training could be taking a toll on your health

Over-training often stems from a misunderstanding of how to achieve performance or aesthetic improvements

Are diamonds being used to perform surgeries in UAE?

A patient, who was at a risk of suffering from a heart attack, is enjoying a new lease of life

Soon Emirates ID to be used for medical records

However, patient confidentiality will be at the forefront
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