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Monday, May 29, 2017
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India to promote ayurveda in UAE

Ayurveda practice in the UAE and other Gulf countries is set to get a boost

Saudi ministry toughens conditions for sale of controlled medicines

The Ministry of Health has instructed private pharmacies not to distribute mental health medicines for patients outside mental hospitals

Over-training could be taking a toll on your health

Over-training often stems from a misunderstanding of how to achieve performance or aesthetic improvements

Organ transplant from dead legalised in UAE

Live donor transplants from a close relative are already being done in the country

Surgery won’t help degenerative knee problems

Every year, more than two million people with degenerative knee problems have arthroscopic surgery

UAE denies lifting ban on vegetables, fruits from Jordan

The ban will continue until necessary safety requirements are met and pesticide residues are cleared

Smoking weakens artery-protecting gene

Findings point to genetic explanation for how smoking can lead to heart disease

A Passion for Sustainable Living

Read this before you drink the next glass of water

Tweak your diet to stay away from digestive disorders

Eating a healthy high fibre diet and avoiding processed food reduces the chances of having any digestive disease

Gaining weight in UAE? Here’s why

Change your lifestyle to change your weight
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