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Mens Hair Colouring 101

Colouring your hair yourself is a very easy thing to get wrong

Dental Hygiene and Heart Disease

It can be mind boggling to imagine that lazy dental hygiene can contribute to heart failure

Grooming Habits that Turn Women Off

The top 5 grooming habits that turn women off quicker than you can say hello

Cutting and Styling Thick Wavy Hair

Men with wavy hair get discourage styling or grooming their hair because it soon evolves into a frizzy mess

How Chris Hemsworth Achieves His God-Level Looks

The Avengers star keeps a regular routine of salt water and coconut oil

Can You Exercise Away Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are caused by overuse of certain muscles, typically the micro-muscles in our faces we use for expressions

Jamie Dornan Nailed the Winter Beard-to-Hair Ratio

Irishman and Fifty Shades heartthrob Jamie Dornan debuted a new grooming look on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday

How Stress Can Ruin Your Teeth

Stress is just another thing that we deal with everyday, but for some it can have a significant effect on their teeth as well

Mens Hair: Over-Processed. Under-Dressed

Every guy wants their hair to look good

Everyday Hairstyling Products and How to Use Them

3 everyday hairstyling products and how to use them to make sure you look your best no matter what product you use
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