Dubai International Film Festival, taking place from December 7-14 at Madinat Jumeirah, added 10 films to its Muhr Feature programme, highlighting films from the Arab world.

Still Burning by Lebanese filmmaker Georges Hachem is about two friends who reunite after years and reawaken repressed demons between them.

Blessed Benefit by Jordanian filmmaker Mahmoud Al Massad is about a construction worked who is unfairly jailed.

Withered Green by Egyptian director Mohammad Hammad is the story of a religious woman who accommodates patriarchal traditions so her younger sister can get engaged.

Those Who Remain by Lebanese director Eliane Raheb is a documentary that follows a Christian farmer, Haykal Mikhael, who works to build a home in one of Lebanon’s highest mountainous areas.

A Memory in Khaki by Syrian director Alfoz Tanjour is a non-fiction film that explores five decades of oppression and revolution in Syria.

Terra Firma by director Laurent Ait Benalla is about two sailors southern France who watch over abandoned ferries.

Hedi by Tunisian director Mohammad Ben Attia follows quiet Hedi who meets a free-spirited woman named Rim who challenges his passivity.

The Preacher by Egyptian director Magdy Ahmad is about a shaikh who leads prayers at the mosque while also being a TV celebrity.

Sweat Rain, by Moroccan filmmaker Hakim Balabbes, is about a small farmer who faces a threat to his livelihood.

104 Wrinkles by Lebanese director Hady Zaccak’s is a documentary about his grandmother Henriette who is approaching the age of 104.

“We are proud to offer audiences a plethora of engaging films which span a whole host of genres, each with their own unique stories and editorial styles, constructed from diverse perspectives. The selection of Muhr Feature films will undoubtedly add a new creative touch to the world of Arab cinema,” said Diff artistic director Masoud Amralla Al Ali.

Diff film ticket packages — and registration for professionals — are also available (10 for Dh275, 25 for Dh550, and a red-carpet package with seven gala tickets for Dh500) at

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