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Technology & Gadgets

Launch of LCS3, Legrand’s New Structured Cabling Offer

3 dimensions of excellence for data centers and local networks

Samsung Flip 55-Inch Digital Whiteboard

Samsung Flip Combines The Whiteboard And The Flip Chart In A 55-Inch Monitor

Apple apologises for sending data migration notice to US users

Apple's gets most of its products manufactured in China and also sources its best electronics engineers from the there

Apple HomePod releasing in few weeks

Apple had announced its $349 HomePod in June 2017

France probes Apple over iPhone battery slow down

In France it is illegal to intentionally shorten the lifespan of a product in order to encourage customers replace it

WhatsApp launches new video call feature

WhatsApp calls are currently only available in one-on-one conversations but might be available to group chats in the near future

Avido WiBa Wireless Power Bank

This Power Bank Can Wirelessly Charge Any Qi-Compatible Device

Without Naming Trump, Twitter Says It Won’t Block World Leaders

The announcement came just days after a tweet from President Donald Trump hinting at the use of US nuclear weapons

Spotify boasts 70M subscribers amid reports of stock listing

Firm to use direct listing, in which it would simply start trading shares rather than securing outside funding through an IPO