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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Health & Training

Emirates Rehab Centre receives coveted CARF international accreditation

The certification further cements the UAE as a global healthcare destination.

Kuwait has no plans to curb expats health fees increase

The minister of health pointed out that the center offers a wide array of dental procedures in a facility that boasts a 4,000-member strong workforce.

Free health check for women in the UAE

Get a basic free health-check during your shopping run in September and October at these malls.

Dubai needs additional 1,000 hospital beds before 2022

At present Dubai has 2.1 hospital beds for every 1,000 residents, but requires 4.8 beds per 1,000.

Unilabs to acquire Scientific Clinical Laboratories

Unilabs will strengthen its portfolio of diagnostic services in the Middle East and gain access to UAE’s local healthcare market.

New smart system to make Dubai visa medical tests faster

A list of accredited typing centres is available on DHA's website.

Three reasons why eating more protein can be anti-aging

These are three reasons why older people should ensure they are getting enough protein in their diet.

UAE ministry warns against fake bodybuilding supplements

Many of these unregulated health stimulants may contain toxic energisers or synthetic male hormone boosters.

UAE doctors warn against following blood type diet

The blood type diet, founded by naturopath Peter J D'Adamo, creates a diet plan based on the different blood types.

Beware! That cosmetic cure could take a toll on you

It is also to safeguard people against nutritional and hormonal supplements offered in fitness centers.