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United Arab Emirates
Sunday, July 23, 2017
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Health & Training

Tips to avoid dehydration this summer season

The experts at Weightmonitor UAE share some insightful tips on how to stay hydrated this summer

Dubai airport eateries reminded of food safety

Dubai Municipality conducts workshop on food safety for outlets operating in the airport

Health clinic opened for Dubai taxi drivers

This newly opened clinic is part of Dubai Taxi Corporation's strategy to broaden the scope of its services on offer to cab drivers

Coffee makes you live longer! Or does it?

Major international studies say three cups a day is good for you, but critics point to holes in methods

5 ways to tell if you’re suffering from Vitamin D deficiency

Crazy that the land known for its super sunny summers should have so many residents deficient in the sunshine vitamin

China faces diabetes timebomb

11% already have diabetes, 36% listed as prediabetic ... find out which country here

Drug addiction on decline in Dubai

Cases of drug addiction in Dubai dropped significantly in the first half of this year

Dirty water use puts nearly a billion at risk

The study was the first to use remote sensing and geographic information systems for its data analysis

Over-use of smart phones, tablets harming kids

parents should ensure their children spend less time on the gadgets so they can communicate with their surroundings and develop properly

Dubai to have 12 new private hospitals by 2020

More than 36,055 licensed physicians in the medical private sector of Dubai